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The following is a complete(???) listing of accessories


Eliminates the violent bolt carrier impact with the receiver

M1A Recoil Buffer                        15.00

FN-FAL  L1A1  Recoil Buffer         15.00

Mini 14 Nini 30 Recoil Buffer       15.00

AK, VALMET, GALIL Recoil Buffer  15.00

SKS Recoil Buffer                          15.00

45 M1911 Recoil Buffers QTY 6    12.00




Cobray 9mm 32 rd Zytel magazine, 39.00

Makarov 8rd, 9X18 or .380  6.00

Makarov 10rd double stack  25.00

Tokarev TT33, 7.62 12.00

Tokarev TT33, 7.62 w/lanyard loop 20.00

Tokarev 9mm Narrow 20.00

Tokarev 9mm Wide 20.00

CZ52 Pistol, Original USED/NEW 25.00/30.00

CZ52 Rifle, 7.62X45 Original G-VG/EXC 25.00/40.00

CZ52/57 Rifle 7.62X39, EXC OUT OF STOCK

AK/MAK90 7.62X39 5rd/30rd/40rd 6.00/15.00/40.00

AK/MAK90 75rd Drum w/ pouch 129.00

AK/MAK90 .223 5rd can be conv to 15rd 15.00

AK74 5.45X39 30rd USED/NEW 10.00/12.00

L1A1/FN-FAL 20rd Metric EXC 12.00, USED 10.00

L1A1/FN-FAL 20rd INCH Steel, 20.00

SKS 5rd Fixed/20rd Fixed 25.00 OUT OF STOCK

SKS 30rd Detachable, Metal/ 30.00/

SKS 10rd Original 25.00

Enfield No1 Mk3 25.00

Enfield No4 25.00

Enfield No4, Savage marked    25.00 Not available

Lahti Pistol 25.00

M1 Carbine 15rd NEW 12.00  Used 10.00

M1 Carbine 30rd 25.00 

AR15/M16 .223, 20rd/ GI Used  25.00

AR15/M16 7.62X39 20rd 49.00 Not available

Hungarian PA63, 9X18 or .380 20.00

Czech CZ50/70 .32ACP 16.00 Not available

.45 Auto 7rd 12.00

FEG P9R/B9R 10rd 20.00/20.00

M14 20rd USA 

French MAS 44,49 or 49/56 25.00 

French MAS45 22LR, 20.00


Draganov 5rd Mags 49.00

Mini 14 BLUE 30rd mag, USA  30.00, 40rd 35.00

Mini 30 SS 30rd mag, USA  35.00

Ruger P-85 NKL 20rd mag, USA  20.00

AR15 Aluminum 20rd NEW, OUT OF STOCK

Beretta 92F SS 15rd, USA  20.00



CZ52 Rifle QTY 10 Good/Poor 12.00/4.00

AR15/M16 QTY 10 3.00

AR15/M16 Charger   3.00

Swede M96/38 QTY 10 6.00

M95/34 Hungarian QTY 10 5.00

Carcano 6.35 QTY 2 10.00

M1 Garand  8rd QTY 10  $10.00

M1 Garand 5rd  6.00

AK74 (5.45X39)STRIPPER SET(4) with charger, NEW  8.00

Mauser 1888 Commission  OUT OF STOCK

Broomhandle Mauser   OUT OF STOCK

M1 Carbine  5.00each

.303 British, 10 for  8.00

SKS/AK 7.62X39 QTY 10   4.00

AK adapter for strippers  8.00

SKS/AK QTY10 4.00

Mosin Nagant QTY 10 12.00

Springfield 1903 QTY 10 10.00

M1 Garand , NEW QTY 10 10.00


M16 Bandolier w/strippers, Cardboards, Charger 10.00

M1903 Bandolier w/strippers, cardboards NEW (60rds 30.06) 10.00

.303 British Bandolier w/strippers (Holds 50rds .303) 12.00

M1 Garand Bandolier w/strippers, Cardboards (Holds 48rds) 15.00

East German Pouch, w strippers, 7.62X39 (Holds 120rds) 8.00

2 Russian SKS Pouches, Pebble Grain,  7.63X39 w strippers (Holds 80rds) 10.00

SKS Bandolier, Chinese w/strippers & Oiler (Holds 270rds) 25.00

Turkish 8MM Mauser bandolier Kit w/14 strippers, Holds 70 rds  10.00



SKS Chest Bandolier, Green OD, Chinese EXC 15.00

AR15/M16 7 pocket bandolier w/safety pin, EXC 2.00

Type 63 Chest Bandolier Chinese,OD,  Holds 7 -20rd AK, FN-FAL or AR15/M16 mags 12.00

Type 63 Combat Bandolier, Chinese, Holds 6 -20rd AK, FN-FAL or AR15/M16 mags and  4 Chinese Stick Grenades, 12.00

AK Chest Bandolier, Holds 4 30rd mags, Green OD 20.00 Not available

Type 81 Chinese Chest Bandolier , Green OD, EXC 20.00

British .303 Bandolier, Holds 50rds on strippers, EXC 7.00

British .303 Bandolier, USED several times w/dates of reissue 5.00

M1903 Bandolier w/strippers, cardboards NEW (60rds 30.06) 10.00



Steyr M95, M95/34 Pouch 8X56R, Holds 20 rds on strippers  Leather or Canvas EXC per pair 20.00

Steyr M95, M95/34 Pouch Canvas or Leather USED pair 12.00

Mosin Nagant Pouch Russian 2 pocket, Pebble grain,  EXC/USED 10.00/8.00

SKS Pouch, Pebble Grain, Russian (Hold 40rds on strippers) 5.00

Yugo Mauser Pouch, 2 pocket leather, EXC/USED 10.00/6.00

Chinese Type 54(Tokarev) ammo pouch 2 pocket, Holds 7.62X25 on strippers,  EXC 4.00

   w/shoulder strap for holster EXC 8.00

Chinese 75rd AK Drum Pouch Green OD , EXC 12.00

East German 75/100 AK Drum Pouch, Gray, EXC 15.00

Russian AK Drum Pouch, Canvas Early, VG-EXC 25.00

Russian AK Drum Pouch Late, Rubberized canvas 12.00

Cloth Pouch with shoulder strap labeled 7.62mm M80 2.00

AK 4 Pocket 30rd Mag Pouch, East German Rain Camo 6.00

Gas Mask Pouch, East German, EXC 5.00

British 303 Pouch for Mil Type Belt, Green Canvas 8.00

Type 59 Chinese Drum Pouch, Canvas Green OD, EXC 20.00

Chinese Field Bags, Green OD w/shoulder strap, EXC 12.00

German 3 pocket. leather, late 30’s G-VG 20.00

Grenade Launcher Pouch, No1 Enfield, Good 20.00


Chinese Tokarev, tan leather, lined EXC/USED USED 15.00/12.00

with shoulder strap & ammo pouch add 8.00

Chinese Tokarev, Black leather, lined EXC OUT OF STOCK

Russian Tokarev, leather 1950’s, VG-EXC/USED 20.00/12.00

Russian Tokarev, Pebble grain rubberized canvas USED 10.00

Makarov, East German, leather, brown EXC/USED 10.00/7.00

NVA marked, VG-EXC 15.00

Makarov, East German, Stasi shoulder Holster, leather, tan 15.00

Makarov, Chinese, EXC w shoulder strap 35.00 unavailable

Makarov, Bulgarian, EXC     15.00

Makarov Holsters, Russian brown, leather dated 70's and 80s 12.00

Makarov Holster, East German, Black leather 12.00

Russian, Nagant Revolver Rubberized Canvas, EXC 18.00

CZ52 Pistol, leather, EXC/VG 20.00/15.00

CZ50/CZ70, leather, tan, EXC 20.00

British Pattern 37 Holster, Tan, Unissued for 38S&W 16.00

Australian Pattern 37 Holster, Tan for 38 S&W Rev 16.00

Canadian Pattern 37 Holster, Tan for 455 Rev 16.00

Lanyard for above 3 holsters 8.00

M1907 Swede Holster VG, Leather 15.00

Lahti, Good 15.00

Hi Power Holster w/shoulder rig, leather, Good/VG

Misc Pancake Holsters, Follow Link


7.62 Nagant Revolver, Russian, 40rds 1980’s 25.00 OUT OF STOCK

7.62 Nagant Revolver, Fiocci, 50rds 30.00 OUT OF STOCK

7.62X45, 15rd box 5.00

7.65X54 Argentine, 15rds 6.00

7X57, 15rds 6.00

5.45X39 JHP, RWS 50rds 30.00

6.5X55 SP, 20rds 12.00

7.7 Japanese SP, 20rds 18.00

7.62X39 Blanks, 100rds 20.00

.303 British Blanks, 100rds 25.00

6.5X55 Gallery Ammo, 100rds 15.00

.308 Wooden Blanks, 100rds 15.00

6.5X55 Swede Wooden Blanks, 100rds 30.00

.223 Blanks, crimped, 100rds 15.00

9mm Steyr, Hertenberger, 50rds 20.00 unavailable

8mm Nambu, Midway 1980’s, 20rds OUT of stock

.32 S&W Long, Lapua, 50rds LRN 15.00

9MM JAPANESE REVOLVER(Type26), Non Military, 2.00 per round Not available

8MM French Revolver(M1892), Non Military, 2.00 per round Not available

7.35 Italian????SEE PICTURE, 20 rds on clip  on Breda MG Clips POR

6.5 Carcano, Military boxed 50rds to box, 75.00

6.5 Carcano SP loaded on New Norma Brass, 20rds, 25.00

7.5X55 Swiss, NEW  mfr, 20rds, 20.00

8X56R Hungarian, 10rd boxes with loading clips 8.00


Spanish FR8/FR7, VG-EXC 15.00

CZ52 Rifle, Used 15.00

Chinese SKS ,green, USED/EXC 3.00/6.00

Russian SKS, EXC 12.00

French MAS36,44,49, Good/EXC 10.00/15.00

Mosin Nagant,  EXC 20.00, carbine 25.00

Type 53 Chinese, chinese marked green, Original VG 25.00 OUT OF STOCK

Chinese MAK90/AK, Used/EXC 3.00/6.00

SKS Chinese, Used/EXC          3.00/6.00

East German AK74, Gray, EXC 12.00

MIL Type Belt Gray, Taiwan 2.00

Enfield Tan Unissued  20.00

Enfield Blue/Gray     20.00

Enfield, Used 10.00

East German Sling, gray, buckles both ends 10.00

SVT40, EXC early 1950’s 25.00 Not available

Swede Mauser, M96, M38, Good/VG+ 5.00/12.00

Swede Mauser, M96, M38, FAIR 10 for 15.00

M1 Carbine, Green 8.00

with oiler 12.00

TOZ-17, VG 10.00

Finnish Mosin Nagant M39 and also Modern Valmet variants, VG-EXC 20.00

Finnish Mosin Nagant M39 and also Modern Valmet variants, GOOD 10.00

Finnish Mosin Nagant M39 and also Modern Valmet variants, FAIR 10 for 10.00

AK Variants, EXC, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian or Egyptian 12.00

Finnish Type 68 , EXC      20.00




specify type

Makarov Pistol , East German, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian

Tokarev Pistols, Chinese or Russian

M1895 Nagant Revolver,

CZ52 Pistol

Lahti Pistol





SVT38 35.00

Swede Barracks Rod M38 1pc w/muzzle protector 15.00

K98 Mauser 18.00 specify length

M96 Swede Mauser 12.00

Mosin Nagant Rods, Specify M91, M91/30, M44, M38... 18.00

SKS Std length/paratrooper 12.00/15.00

AK/MAK90 8.00




M95 or M95/34, 8X56R 10ea 10.00

SKS/AK, 7.62X39, 10/20/100 6.00/10.00/40.00

Swede Mauser, 6.5X55, 10each 7.00

1903 Springfield, 10each 7.00

.303 British Enfield. 10each 8.00

CZ52 Rifle, 7.62X45, 10each 12.00

Mosin Nagant/SVT40, 10 each 12.00

Carcano, 6.5/7.35, 2ea 10.00

AR15/M16, .223, 20ea 4.00

AR15/M16 Charger 3.00

AK/MAK90 Mag Loader 8.00

AK74, 5.45X39, package of 4 w/charger 8.00




Chinese SKS std length, Spike/Blade 8.00/15.00

Chinese SKS paratrooper, Spike/Blade Not available

Chinese AK Blade w/ scabbard, red or Black    35.00

Chinese AK Blade w/wirecutter, rare        out of stock

M91/30 Russian Mosin Nagant 45.00

M91/30 Early type with sight hood $200 Not available

M91 with locjcking ring    100.00

Enfield No4 Spike/w scabbard 5.00/10.00

Enfield No9 Blade/w scabbard 10.00/30.00

Czech CZ52 Rifle, with hardware 25.00

Russian M44 Carbine w hardware 15.00

US M7, AR15/M16, EXC , no scabbard 20.00

US M4( M1 Carbine) Late Issue, Plastic grip, no scabbard 35.00

US M6 ( M1A), EXC, no scabbard 30.00

US M4 Repro w/ scabbard 35.00

Swede Mauser, VG 45.00

Hungarian AK, VG-EXC 25.00

East German AK Pattern 1, VG 35.00

East German AK Pattern 2, VG 30.00

East German AK Pattern 3, VG 25.00

Chinese AK T56, EXC Pattern 1 35.00

SIG Tube style w/scabbard, EXC 35.00

Chilean M95 w/scabbard, GOOD, Solingen 35.00

Spanish Bolo style, GOOD, FN Toledo Marked 45.00

WW1 Ersatz bayonets For Gew 98      35.00

Yugo M48 UNISSUED matching scabbard will fit K98  $45.00


SKS, Chinese, Original Wood, w/hardwareUSED/EXC 12.00/20.00

SKS, Draganov Style ATI, Zytel 65.00 Not available

SKS, Monte Carlo, ATI, Zytel 49.00

SKS, Folding, ATI, Zytel 49.00

SKS, Red Fiberglass, Spike bayo ,Chinese 29.00

SKS, Red Fiberglass, Blade Bayo, Chinese 49.00

SKS, Wood, EXC, for blade bayo, 49.00

AK Woodset (4pcs) chinese 49.00

AK Stockset (4pcs) East German, Brown Plastic 59.00

AK Stockset, East German Folder 79.00

AK Stock set, E German RPK 75.00

AK/MAK90 Draganov Style, Zytel, ATI 65.00


M14/M1A Handguard 12.00

SKS Handguard, Chinese, USED/EXC 2.00/4.00

Mosin Nagant, M91/30, M44, 91/59, M39 CALL

Enfield Stocks, No1 or No4 Rifles, specify, GOOD 40.00

Mossburg 500, Maverick 88 Shotgun Zytel Folding stocks 59.00

Remington 870, Winchester 1200 Shotgun Folding stocks 59.00

Shotgun Pistol Grips, Mossburg 500, Remington, Winchester 23.00

Shotgun Side Saddles for above 25.00

SVT40 Stock, VG 125.00 OUT OF STOCK

AK Pistol Grips, US Wood, EG Plastic & Others 15.00

AK Grip screws with nut 8.00

British L1A1 Stock set(Buttstock & Pistol Grip)USED/EXC 49.00/79.00

Bulgarian Buttstock & Pistol Grip(for milled), EXC Not available

MAK90 Thumbhole Stock 15.00

HUNGARIAN AK Thumbhole, nice, blonde wood 49.00 Not available

Maadi Thumbhole stock,, laminated 25.00

Romanian WUM/FPK Thumbhole stock 35.00

L1A1 Thumbhole Stock Black 50.00



AR15 early style grips Used 2.00

Makarov Grips

Chinese red w/ thumbrest   15.00

Pearce Rubber 8 or 13rd guns  20.00

Russian red military  16.00

East German used  10.00

M1895 Revolver Grips

wood, EXC  25.00

wood, GOOD  20.00

bakelite, EXC 20.00

CZ52 Pistol Grips, EXC 25.00, UGLY 15.00

TT33/Tokerov Grips,

Plastic Wrap around  12.00

Original Russian   25.00 OUT OF STOCK




SKS Pin On Discontinued

AK PIN On   25.00

AK T74 Threaded 14X1LH 25.00

AK Krinkov, Threaded 14X1LH

AK Blank Firing Adapter, Threaded 10.00

AK Slant Brake, Threaded 16.00

Swede M38/M96 Flash Hider, Threaded 22.00

Mosin Nagant M44 Compensator, Twist On 29.00

AR15 Type 74 Brake, Threaded 25.00

Mini 30 Type 74 Pin on 25.00

Mini 14 Pin On, No Pin incl, Brake/hider Combo, silver/Black 25.00

Century FAL Sporter Brake, set screws 25.00

AR15, post ban, set screws 25.00

Ruger 10-22 hider/brake Combo, silver or black, pin on 25.00

SKS/MAK90 Adapter, set screws on bbl then use threaded brakes 1 2.00

RPK Brake , threaded 14X1LH  25.00

British FAL Brake, original, threaded w/bayo lug 20.00





SKS Mounts, and rings, various styles 20.00

SKS HI PRO Scope Mount w/shell deflector 40.00

AK/MAK90 Mount w/rings 25.00

FN-FAL, Receiver cover  Scope Mount 49.00

M1 Carbine, No drill or tap Scope Mount 35.00

No4 Enfield, no drill or tap  Scope Mount 35.00

No1 Enfield, no drill or tap  Scope Mount     Not available

SVT40, BSQUARE  Scope Mount w/rings 65.00 Not available

MAS36, M49, M49/56, BSQUARE  Scope Mountw/rings  65.00

Romanian AK Side Mount, with rings, BSQUARE  65.00

SVT40 Original Mount with scope 850.00 OUT OF STOCK    repro mount with original scope 550.00

East German AK74 ZKW 4X25 Scope and Mount w/ Accessories  229.00 Not available

Daewoo DR200 Scope Mount 45.00

FN49 Scope Mount 49.00

Russian PO 3.5 scope & Mount(Mosin Nagant Style) 125.00 Not available

Russian PU 3.5 Scope & Mount, Original Military  299.00

M1A/M14 40.00

Ruger Mini14/Mini 30 Scope Mount, Black/Silver 35.00


Rings, SEE THRU, std weaver or narrow dovetail 12.00

Rings, narrow dovetail 8.00


4X28 Scope,compact Norinco 28.00

5X32 Scope, compact Norinco  30.00

4X20 Scope, compact Norinco 25.00

3-9X32 Scope, Norinco 45.00

4X32 Scope, Norinco   30.00

4X32 Scope, w/ruby lens, Norinco, 35.00

French MAS 49 original Military sniper scope and case, 375.00 Not available




below are 15.00 unless otherwise marked

800L Mossburg 800, Westernfield 775 & 780, Revelation 220

805L Browning Automatic

811L Winchester 670, 770, 70(except .375 Mag, & H&H .300 Mag), Sears 53, Cooey 71

812L Mossberg 810, 730, 732, Revelation 210

821L Marlin 336, 36A, 36 Ramp, 444, 1893, 1894, 1895, 62, Glenfield 30, Sears 45, Revelation 200

        Westernfield 740, M72, Mossberg 472, West Point 33

841 Savage 110, CIL950, Revelation 250

850L Remington 700, 721, 725 Long action, BSA Monarch,

         Weatherby MKV, Ruger 77ST, S&W 1500 Long Actions

808 Remington 4, 6

897 Winchester 94AE

823L Mossberg 472, 479, 679

7003 Thompson Center Contender SS

7004C Colt Python & others w/ .25" rib blue

7004SFC Colt Python & others w/ .25" rib SS

7005SFC Ruger & Colt Single Action Revolvers SS

7006SFC Ruger 22 Automatics, S&W 41 Automatic, S&W 422


410 SS Ruger Redhawk 44mag, Ironsighter See thru                         20.00


AK Buttstock style, chinese 5.00

SKS Buttstock style, chinese or Russian 5.00

AK Buttstock style, Romanian, Hungarian, Egyptian or Bulgarian 12.00 specify

AK74 East German Tobacco Can Style 5.00

YUGO Mauser, Pull Thru w pouch, oiler..., Used/EXC 6.00/12.00

Mosin Nagant Cleaning kit Original Russian Packaging 25.00

Mosin Nagant  w/pouch 15.00

Polish Mosin Nagant, EXC 20.00

Enfield. brass oiler with pullthru, screen, 15.00

Enfield oiler, brass 12.00

MAS36, 44, 49 Pull Thru, EXC 5.00

Lahti Oiler 5.00

SKS Oilers, Single Spout, Chinese or Russian, Plastic/Metal 1.00/3.00

Russian or Chinese Oilers, Metal, Double Spout 3.00

Ljungman Cleaning Kit 20.00

M1 Carbine Oiler w/sling 5.00/12.00

M1903 Pull Through 3.00

L1A1/FNFAL Pull Through with weight 3.00

Enfield Pull Through rope/with weight 2.00/4.00

M1909 Mauser Cleaning Brushes 3.00

Swede Mauser Oiler, 2 compartment, Plastic/metal w/brush 3.00/4.00

Swede Mauser Cleaning Rod Extension/Brush 6.00/2.00

Swede Mauser Cleaning jag, Brass 5.00

Finnish Mosin Nagant cleaning/accessory kit  20.00



Makarov, Pearce Rubber, 8rd/10rd, specify 20.00

Makarov, East German USED 8.00

Makarov, Russian Red Bakelite 18.00

M1895 Revolver Grip set 3pcs, EXC 20.00

CZ52 Pistol Grips, original, 2pcs 20.00

AR15 Early style, USED 2.00

Makarov Grips, USED, target style Assorted 8.00

Russian TT33 Tokarev Pistol, USED UNAVAILABLE

Chinese tokarev Pistol Grips, NEW 12.00


SKS Buttpad Extension, 1", Rubber 10.00

CAR15 Buttpad 10.00

ATI for SKS Draganov, AK draganov or SKS folder, specify 8.00

AK Preban, chinese 10.00

Mini14/30, 10-22, Rubber 12.00

Hakim, Rubber 1" extension 15.00



AK/SKS Sight Tool, Elevation & Windage 12.00

AK/SKS Sight Tool, Elevation, stores in cleaning kit 3.00

AK/SKS Sight Tool, Elevation, on key ring 4.00

AK/SKS Sight Tool, Elevation, T handle 5.00

SVT40 Sight Tool and Crossbolt Tool 12.00

SVT Gas Adjustment Tool 25.00

M1895 Nagant Revolver Screwdriver 10.00

Mosin Nagant Tool, Screwdriver type Remington/SA 30.00

SKS Gas Port Cleaning Tool 3.00

AK Gas Port Cleaning Tool 3.00

Mosin Nagant Tool, Russian 5.00

7.62X39 Broken Shell Extractor 12.00

Makarov Disassembly Tool, Russian 5.00

Lahti Disassembly Tool/mag loader 5.00

Hakim Gas Adjustment Tool  5.00

FAL/L1A1 multi tool    12.00



6.5 Swede Mauser, M96 & 38 original 2.00

M1909 Mauser 2.00

M14 GI Chamber Brush 2.00

.45, .38, .30, .22, commercial, each 1.00

Brass slotted end for cleaning rod 2.00

.30 Caliber Patches 2"X2" 175 Count 2.00

.22 Caliber Patches 2.00

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